May has been a busy month for us with new improvements and fixes for Vocabattle. We are so excited about our new release we even wanted to offer you free gift!




Each day, we are improving our app in order to deliver an even greater learning experience. With the 1.2 and 1.3 releases, several new features have been added and bugs have been fixed. If you missed it, here are the changes:

  • Improvement of the progression follow-up (Note: I am not sure what this means in the application)
  • Better visibility of a finished quiz
  • Improvements to the tutorial
  • Addition of new words
  • Bug fixes


With this new update, we wanted to offer you free beans as a gift !With this free gift you can benefit with 5 free hours on VocaBattle. Download the app on the Appstore, or upgrade it if you already have VocaBattle installed, and you’ll get the gift automatically after opening the app.

Do you want to learn more languages or strengthen your vocabulary skills? You no longer have any excuses  with VocaBattle. With less than 5 minutes of playing a quiz each day, you will learn and begin to memorise new words, so really helping you on your way to learning a new language!

Don’t forget : with daily use of our app will help your long term learning of the language.


Enjoy and stay in touch!









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