The world champion at VocaBattle is Swedish!Today I would like to share a great news: the world champion at VocaBattle is Swedish! This person has played every day since the publication of the application.

Our statistics are anonymous, and we don’t know who this person is. And this person doesn’t know that she or he is the world champion. What a pity!

We have very little information about this person: she or he is playing VocaBattle in Stockholm and is learning Spanish, which is one of the 6 languages that can be learned with those 2 minutes quiz games.

Can you imagine, if you were a world champion, would you like to know it? I guess you would!

This is why we have decided to launch an appeal with this article and the YouTube video below. If you know anybody living in Sweden or in Stockholm, please forward them this article. If you are yourself living in Stockholm, could you please check around you if anybody heard about a VocaBattle player?

Thank you very much!